Abolish the Prison-Industrial Complex Blend, Ethiopia

Abolish the Prison-Industrial Complex Blend, Ethiopia

Medium-Light, Floral
This 100% Ethiopia blend is delicately sweet like fresh berries and lavender, but that's not the sweetest thing about this coffee. $5 of every purchase of this coffee will go towards a donation to Dignity and Power Now, an LA-based non-profit organization working towards healing and transformative justice for incarcerated people, their families, and their communities.

Guji, Ethiopia

Abolish the Prison-Industrial Complex is comprised of two coffees from the Guji zone in Ethiopia. 60% is from smallholders who contribute to the Raro Boda Washing Station, and 40% is from smallholders in the Qirtira Goyo village, just southwest of Uraga in the Hambela Wamena woreda. All farms lie between 1950 and 2200masl and both washing stations fully washed and dried these lots on raised beds.


1950-2250meters above sea level

We're incredibly proud to partner with the folks at Dignity and Power Now (DPN) in the ongoing fight for justice and respect for the lives of all members of our society. Founded in 2012, DPN is a Los-Angeles-based grassroots organization that fights for the civil and human rights of all incarcerated people, their families, and communities. Through programs centered around activism, health and wellness, and leadership building, DPN’s work is grounded in the principles of abolition, healing justice, and transformative justice. Find out more about their continued efforts at dignityandpowernow.org

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