Ariel Murcia, Honduras Natural Parainema

Ariel Murcia, Honduras Natural Parainema

Medium Dark, Dried Cherry
Our first lot from Ariel Murcia from the 2020 harvest is an incredibly lush Parainema. It has all the up-front black cherry sweetness you might expect from a naturally processed coffee, but with a juicy cranberry acidity and dark chocolate finish.
What’s this taste like?

A really sweet, dynamite espresso!

- Noah, Los Angeles


Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Ariel Murcia dedicates 50% of his coffee production to growing Parainema—a rust-resistant Sarchimor variety, indigenous to Honduras and known for an intense herbal and acidic flavor profile. He has turned Finca Sol, his 15 hectares of farmland, into a productive laboratory for interesting varieties and processing methods. This is the first year he's attempted anaerobic fermentation with a natural drying process, and the efforts of his meticulous sorting and attentive drying have proved incredibly successful.


1510meters above sea level

Unlike our other lots from Santa Barbara, Finca Sol resides on the south side of the mountain. The climate there tends to be drier, which provides ideal conditions for a natural drying process.

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