Caballero Gesha, Honduras

Light, Floral
If you’re seeking out an exceptional coffee drinking experience, look no further than our Caballero Gesha. The gesha variety, known for its complex floral, citrus, and stone fruit flavors, presents itself here as delicate floral-toned apricot, orange blossom honey, and grapefruit. We’re humbled by the thoughtful and meticulous work it took to bring us this coffee, and we’re beyond excited to share our limited amount with you.
12oz bag

Mogola Village, Marcala, La Paz

As fourth generation coffee producers, Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera have been producing coffee together since 1993. Their partnership has brought us some of the most esteemed coffees coming out of Marcala, an area southeast of Santa Barbara near the border of El Salvador.


1550meters above sea level

Finca La Mary is located in Mogola Village, where Marysabel’s father, Don Fabio, purchased his first farm in 1970. The cool but humid conditions at La Mary are ideal for plants and soil to retain water moisture and to promote slow, steady maturation.

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