Los Ídolos, Colombia Decaf

Los Ídolos, Colombia Decaf

Medium-Dark, Sweet
For us, a decaf coffee is not only defined by its lack of caffeine, but also by the versatility of the coffee to satisfy as many coffee-loving palates as possible. This coffee is roasted with enough development to work as an espresso that will hold up in milk, but also taste delicious as a filter coffee. The end result is a full-bodied, caramel-noted decaf that we love.
What’s this taste like?

I adore this decaf with milk and by itself.

- Virginia, LA, CA


Huila, Colombia

From San Agustín in the municipality of Huila, Colombia.


1700-2000meters above sea level

This classic-profile decaf comes from Huila, where it is grown at elevations between 1600-1900 masl. It is washed, dried, and then decaffeinated right at origin.

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