Gogugu, Ethiopia

Gogugu, Ethiopia

Light, Bergamot
While we come to expect prominent fruit flavor from our Guji coffees - Gogugu provides an exceptional abundance of florality and complex acidity that makes it one of our favorites. In the dry aroma, we were enchanted by the intense jasmine and citric fragrances. In the cup is a beautiful blend of bergamot, sweet blood orange, and blackberry that cools into hard-candy sweetness.

Wate Gogugu, Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia

The Gogugu washing station is located in the Ugo Begne forest in southern Uraga. It's managed and run by Kedir Jebril very near to one of our favorite coffees from the region, Yabitu Koba.


2000-2280meters above sea level

Producers who contribute their cherry to Gogugu grow coffee at nearly the highest producing elevation in Guji. The high elevation in conjunction with the meticulous processing contribute to the distinct and stellar quality of this coffee.

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