La Esperanza, Guatemala
Single Origin

La Esperanza, Guatemala

Medium, Caramel Apple
We're honored to share this impressive lot from our friends at Los Volcanes Coffee. Grown on their test farm, this delightful Guatemalan profile reminds us of our favorite warm flavors: caramel-coated green apple, spiced brandied cherry, and milk chocolate.

Antigua, Guatemala

We've been visiting Josue Morales and Carolina Franco at their Antigua wet mill, Beneficio La Esperanza, since we first began sourcing green coffee. They not only connect people like us to producers across the country, but they use their test farm as a model for how organic, sustainable practices enhance coffee quality, yield, and ultimately, price.


1500meters above sea level

Josue adheres fondly to the traditional processing methods of Antiguan producers by fully washing his Bourbon and Villa Sarchi cherry, and drying the seeds on patios for 18 days.

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