Nano Challa, Ethiopia

Medium - Tropical Punch
Juicy tropical sweetness with flavors reminiscent of some of our favorite summer fruits - ripe mango, prickly pear, and blood orange. With a bit more developed in the roast profile, those juicy fruit flavors become more caramelized, like a mango straight off the grill. It's a joy to share this fruit bomb with you.
12oz bag

Agaro Gera, Ethiopia

It’s a wonderful feeling when a coffee reveals to have a distinct place on our menu. For a coffee from Ethiopia, that represents itself as pronounced sweetness and acidity with a depth of flavor that lingers on the pallet. From the moment we first cupped a sample of this coffee, we knew it’s deep, complex fruit sweetness would be perfect in more developed coffee and that it perfectly represented the exceptional qualities of coffees from Agaro Gera.


1900-2200meters above sea level

Members of the Kata Muduga Union who contribute to Nano Challa are growing their coffee at some of the highest coffee-growing elevations in the region. The organizational efforts of the union's leaders to improve quality throughout the growing, picking, and processing of this coffee has proved successful in highlighting the unique and wonderful qualities of coffees from Nano Challa.

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Coffee Matrix
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Earthy and citrus flavors originate in everything that influences a coffee bean pre-roast: its processing method, its region of origin, and its genetics.
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