Tumbabiro, Ecuador

Medium Light, Pomegranate
Tumbabiro is a sweet, full-bodied fly crop from northern Ecuador. Tumbabiro offers a lightly tropical profile reminiscent of pomegranate, dried plums, and guava.
12oz bag

Imbabura, Ecuador

Tumbabiro sits at the northern part of Imbabura, very near the Colombian border. Due to this close proximity, varieties and processing methods here are very similar to those common in Colombia. Tumbabiro comprises Caturra and Colombia varieties, and is fully washed and dried on raised parabolic beds.


2100maslmeters above sea level

Tumbabiro and its surrounding province are known for being among the oldest specialty-coffee-producing areas in Northern Ecuador. This long heritage of coffee production means most of the producers use organic methods that emphasize protecting and maintaining the local environment.

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