Edinson Ramirez, Colombia

Edinson Ramirez, Colombia

A cocktail of fruit sensations, Edinson Ramirez anaerobically fermented this coffee to highlight the gorgeous flavors of his top varieties. Rich + intense in a syrupy body with notes of papaya, orange peel, and joie de vivre.

Roast Profile


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Suggested Brewing

Long Press Aeropress

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About Edinson Ramirez

Edinson Ramirez and Diana Valderrama began planting varieties like Pink Bourbon and Gesha on Ramirez’ family farm about five years ago. Known for intense and exotic aromatics and layered fruit flavors, these varieties are prized in the specialty market, and this offering is a rare anaerobically fermented selection. While we often find the accentuated flavors from this process to be a bit extra, in this case they're just the thing.


Catuai, Caturra, Geisha, Bourbon Rosado



Processing Method

Washed Anaerobic

Drying Method

Canopy or Solar Tent or Roof for 12 days

Edinson Ramirez

It’s in the bag

Planting high quality coffee varieties like Bourbon and Gesha has become popular through Central and South America as a result of their high value in the specialty coffee market. We're thrilled to see Edinson and Diana implementing meticulous processing to make the most of these special coffees. Through selective picking, resting whole cherry in pulp, 60-hour anaerobic fermentation in bags, and washing twice, the result is a vibrant and clean tasting coffee with explosive, quintessentially Colombian flavor.





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