Mexio, Peru

Mexico, Peru

This gorgeous coffee from Finca Mexico, Peru, is beautifully clean-tasting with floral, juniper aromatics and a cherry-vanilla custard sweetness.

Roast Profile


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Flavor Profile


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Suggested Brewing

We Heart Peru

Bean Line

This past September, near the end of their harvest season, we took our first trip to Peru to source coffee. In the Red Fox Coffee Merchants lab, we were able to taste a vast selection of high quality coffees from all around the country, many of which we've featured this year. This newest offering is from Cesar Callo Yupanqui, and stood out for its super clean cup and resonating sweetness.




Medium Dark

Processing Method

Washed, 36 hour wet fermentation

Drying Method

Raised Beds

GGET Coffee Geography

Cajamarca Quality

Alpes Andinos formed in 2019 with just a couple dozen Cajamarca region farmers uniting together—including Ines. Today, the group has more than 100 member farmers focusing on producing specialty-grade coffees to Fairtrade and organic standards. We were moved by Ines' commitment to Finca Mexico and the desire to produce exceptional coffees at his farm in San Ignacio. This offering is washed and dry fermented for 30 hours, then dried on raised beds, all of which bring out the nuance of Ines’ lovely, high-elevation coffees.