Nano Challa

Nano Challa, Ethiopia

Our latest Ethiopian lot from the Agaro Gera region is a zippy, awesome fruit bomb of ripe mango, prickly pear, and blood orange with a sparkling finish. Love.

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About Nano Challa

Bean Line

Like our Yukro offering, Nano Challa comes to us from the Agaro Gera region in Western Ethiopia, and is produced by members of the Kata Maduga Cooperative Union, whose membership recently grew so large, at over 600 producers, that they needed to open a second mill, Nano Genji, to accommodate the influx of quality coffee being delivered. It's just one more testament to the quality Nano Challa is renowned for.


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Processing Method

Washed mechanically through delvas and then soaked for 12 hours

Drying Method

Raised Beds

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A Fruity Fantasy

Producers who bring their coffee cherry to the Nano Challa washing station are growing their coffee at some of the highest coffee-growing elevations in the region, 1900 to 2200 masl. When we tasted our first sample, we were blown away by its intense, juicy tropical sweetness with flavors reminiscent of some of our favorite summer fruits—all a result of the hard work Kata Maduga union members put in at each stage of the coffee's growth, harvest, and processing.