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Proyecto Cabañas Anaerobic Honey, Honduras

Our favorite single origin espresso of the season is back with a sweetness that's no less than decadent, with a fruit-syrup sweetness and a rich chocolate finish.

Roast Profile


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Flavor Profile


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Suggested Brewing


Just Like Honey

Our partners at Beneficio San Vicente connected us with the Proyecto Cabañas mill in La Paz, where far south of the high elevations and humid conditions of Santa Barbara, four smallholder producers in Los Planes contribute coffee to be processed. This coffee is processed with a hybrid anaerobic-honey fermentation that emphasizes this dynamic coffee's passionfruit and pomegranate syrup qualities, melding with rich, honeyed chocolate notes on the finish.


70% Lempira
15% Catuai
10% Ihcafe 90
5% Pache


Medium Dark

Processing Method

Anaerobic Honey

Drying Method

Raised beds with mucilage left on for 22 days

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An Innovative Collab

Lasin Martin, Ermelina Sorto, Alberto Benitez, and Javier Martinez bring coffee to the Proyecto Cabañas wet mill from their small farms, approximately 2.5 hectares each. Experimenting with processing methods has helped raise the value of the group's coffee harvest: for this lot, coffee cherries were sealed in plastic barrels with little oxygen for 48 hours before being depulped and sun-dried on raised beds. Compared to the washed process, this method brought out a deep, ripe, sweetness that we loved.






1500-1900 masl