Yukro, Ethiopia (Dark Filter)

Yukro, Ethiopia

So nice we made it twice! Where our filter roast was a little too intensely bright and floral at espresso strength, we think you'll find this roast to be more rounded and sweet. Floral lilac aromas, juicy currant and a candied, spiced ginger sweetness.

Roast Profile


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Flavor Profile


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Suggested Brewing

Up and Up and Up

This coffee comes from Western Ethiopia's Kata Muduga Union, an umbrella group of smaller coffee cooperatives (like Duromina and Nano Challa, which you'll know from our menu) including Yukro. Yukro has seen a leap in quality (and reputation) in past years due to improved techniques and equipment, such as resource-efficient machines to remove the fruit from the coffee, fiberglass tanks for washing, and fastidious drying under canopies.


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Processing Method

Washed and mechanically depulped, then soaked overnight

Drying Method

Raised Beds

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Cream of the Crop

This high-grown coffee from the Agaro region of Jimma in Southwestern Ethiopia, delivers all the magic Ethiopian coffee promises in these perfect coffee-growing regions, with the processing and care to make it shine. Our sourcing partners at Red Fox Coffee Merchants have a longstanding relationship with farmers in this region, allowing them (and thus us) early selection and speedy delivery of the wonderful coffees coming out of the Kata Muduga union.





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Agaro Gera

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2000 masl