A Q&A With Our Friends at Cometeer

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Picture from the lovely folks at Cometeer

A Quick Q&A With our Friends at Cometeer

Hey y'all, Matty @ GGET here with a quick Q&A that I recently had with our friends over at Cometeer! Cometeer is known for their flash-frozen coffee pods that you might've seen at our Larchmont, Culver City, ROW, or Montana Ave locations!

What started inspired the idea of flash-frozen coffee for Cometeer?
Cometeer started when founder Matt Roberts discovered that freezing brewed coffee was the perfect way to melt coffee concoctions in seconds while missing his Dunkins in Spain. His convenient solution clashed with top-tier quality when he met the “godfather of specialty coffee”, George Howell, and the two discovered a proper brew and flash-freeze was able to perfectly preserve the nuances of super high quality specialty beans better than any other format.

From there, Cometeer needed to develop a way to brew coffee as well as George’s master baristas at scale. The company put years of R&D into perfecting the process of brewing and flash-freezing specialty coffee, working with the world’s best roasters, chemists, and engineers to make the most delicious coffee also the most convenient.

Today, we brew freshly roasted beans at 10x strength with our proprietary brewing process, then flash freeze each capsule in liquid nitrogen to lock in peak flavor.

When and how did Cometeer and GGET partner?
The connection started back in 2019 when Dalia Burde, director of A Film About Coffee, introduced Matt Roberts to Kyle Glanville. Cometeer investor Walter Driver, Founder of LA-based Scopely, also insisted that the brands sync up. After the first GGET coffee sampling the Cometeer team was sold on the partnership. We focus on three things, coffee, brand, and people, and GGET was a clear match all around.

Cometeer and GGET launched an official partnership in 2021, to highlight GGET’s exceptional coffee sourcing and roasting in our new frozen capsule format. Our mission with GGET is to make their coffee more accessible to customers who want to enjoy their delicious beans at home and in new ways. We are proud to offer an array of unique and delicious coffees from GGET, including their mainstay Homeschool Blend and single origin coffees like Yukro, Nano Genji, and Chelbesa. You can try a selection of our GGET capsules at

What is your typical brewing process?
While our exact brewing process is proprietary, we can proudly say that we have one of, if not the, most advanced coffee brewing systems on the planet. It starts with freshly roasted, incredibly high quality coffee beans from the world’s best coffee roasters. We then grind each bean in an advanced, custom built coffee grinder, calibrated to grind as uniformly as possible, and quality assured with a laser particle analyzer. The freshly ground coffee is immediately extracted in our brew systems, using custom remineralized water optimized for coffee extraction.

Our coffee extract is brewed at a strength of about a 13.5% TDS. This is roughly 10x stronger than a typical cup of coffee around a 1.4% strength and even stronger than espresso, which is often around 8% TDS.

Immediately after brewing, this rich coffee extract is dosed into each capsule and flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen to trap in the volatile aromatic compounds that contribute to freshness, aroma, complexity, and nuance in specialty coffee.

How much coffee does it take to make a single capsule?
This really depends on the coffee. We can increase the yield in certain roast levels and origins over others. For example, we can produce more cups from a light roast Kenyan coffee than a dark roast Colombian. Each capsule contains 26 grams of frozen coffee extract, which is brewed at 13.5% TDS or strength. As a result, each capsule has about 3.5 grams of dissolved coffee flavors. This is the same amount of coffee found in a typical 8 oz cup at 1.4% strength, and slightly more than a regular espresso.

We hope that you notice the resulting capsule has a much smoother and richer flavor than you might expect, without any bitter or harsh attributes. We are also proud of the nuances and complexity of our single origin light roast capsules, of which GGET features prominently.