Ben Medansky Portrait

Meet Ben Medansky

Medansky is a world renowned sculptor influenced by Brutalist and modern architecture and industrial design. Much like GGET, he takes inspiration from Los Angeles. However, for Ben, it’s from the strong and diverse architecture of downtown LA and its seemingly uninterrupted construction. Medansky’s ceramics are included in LACMA’s permanent collection, was a recipient of the Maison & Object’s America’s Rising Talent in Design Award, and has been reviewed in The New York Times, Architectural Digest, The LA Times, and more.

A Friendship

What started as an introduction at a neighbor’s studio visit quickly grew into a special relationship. The custom mugs for GGET & G&B became a staple of GGET as a crucial element of service wares and collectibles for fanatics of both GGET and Medanksy’s work. His regular presence in the shop with a box of freshly fired wares were a fixture of GGET's cafe life.

A Friendship Image

Medansky Mug Studio Image Early Years


While GGET’s reputation in specialty coffee bloomed, so did Ben’s profile in the art world. Over the years, as Ben became much busier and new cafes opened, his ceramics remained a part of major milestones along our journey. From our five year anniversary mug to a limited edition piece for flagship members of our coffee club. His work for us has been a marriage of his fresh perspective and our sense of whimsy.


It should come of no surprise that when our ten year anniversary rolled around, our first instinct was to reach out to the friend we made one summer a decade ago. Lucky for us, he dusted off his retired wheel and threw us exactly one hundred mugs. The result are pieces that capture a maturity and simplicity that only come with time. These mugs are special to us and we hope you think so too. They're great in pairs, fitting for an anniversary.

Two Medansky Mugs

All Hands Tile Background


Purchase this one of a kind piece of art before it's gone.