The Best Coffee Gear for Camping

Have you ever been camping and wanted a great cup of coffee while sitting around a morning fire? Well, look no further!

While it’s tough to get cafe-quality coffee out in nature, you can get pretty damn close with a few different choices of brewers. We’ll recommend our favorites and what kind of setting you’ll want your coffee ground at for that perfect brew in the wilderness.

Fellow Clara French Press

If you want to go classic, I’d recommend the Fellow Clara French Press. One that we Here at GGET we call it the “Cadillac of French Presses” and stand by that. With this French Press, you’ll want to get your coffee pre-ground to a Medium-Fine setting (or stop by and ask us to grind it for you to use with a French Press).

Fellow Cara French Press

Aeropress Filter

Aeropress with Prismo Attachment

If you’re looking for something that takes up less room, you can’t go wrong with the Aeropress. We do recommend that you bring the Fellow Prismo attachment along with it for a more precise cup. With the Aeropress, get your beans pre-ground at a medium setting!

For more tips on outdoor brewing and what ratios to use for each brewing item, check out our brewing recipes or text us!