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Chandler Grapefruit Fizzy Hoppy Tea

Fizzy Hoppy Tea is one of the prides of our menu at GGET. Insanely refreshing, generously effervescent, and modestly caffeinated—this drink has it all. To make life even better (and more fun), we work tirelessly in our drink lab to bring seasonal twists to our Fizzy Hoppy Tea, like Kumquat or Blood Orange. And when we get to massively geek out on a new ingredient or technique—we are all over it, like...superjuicing!

SuperJuice is a technique pioneered by bartender Nickle Morris of Louisville's Bar Expo. The technique is essentially this: take any citrus and peel it. Take those peels and mix them with sugar, citric acid, and malic acid, and allow them to macerate to extract the essential oils in the peels. Blend that mix with water, filter it, and combine it with the juice of the fruit. All that together forms a "superjuice" that will last for a couple weeks in the refrigerator, and which has way more aroma, flavor, and even vitamins than traditional juice. (It's also better at resisting oxidation, which is what causes fresh juice to sometimes taste flat and off.)!

For our latest seasonal Fizzy Hoppy Tea, we're using a version of the superjuice technique on organic Chandler pomelos from Santa Paula, CA—just up the road in Ventura County. We then infuse our classic Fizzy Hoppy Tea base (Yunaan red tea, Citra hops, and simple syrup) with the superjuiced grapefruit syrup, and wow is it ever freaking good.

If you want to learn more about superjuicing, check out this video. And if you just want to learn more about delicious? Come in for a Chandler Grapefruit Fizzy Hoppy Tea while it graces our menu. See you soon, right?