Matty 2018

Matty's Brewing Method

Matty in 2018

A picture of me, Matty, in early 2019 at our Larchmont Blvd location!

What’s a good morning without a great cup of coffee?

My favorite start to the day is making my first cup. I use a CJ-4000 Scale, my BonaVita Electric Kettle, and, most important of all, the stainless steel Kalita-185 brewer.

The Kalita is a flat-bottom brewer with flow restriction that offers more frequent extraction rates meaning you’ll have a better tasting brew. And dang is that correct.

The brewer has a special place in my heart due to it being gifted to me from a former employee when I first started at Go Get Em Tiger in 2018.

I choose to get my coffee beans ground before they’re sent to me through the GGET Coffee Club. So the start of the process is pretty simple. I just make sure my kettle is full, heat up the water and grab my scale and the cup I want to use for the day.

I use a 1:15 ratio for my cup, or in other words 1 gram of coffee for every 15 grams of water. Typically 20g of coffee with a 30 second 60g bloom and a total of 300g of water. The bloom releases any CO2 from the ground coffee which makes for an even extraction. After letting the coffee bloom, I fill up the Kalita brewer to 200g then let it settle for a bit before adding the rest of the water. Then dang! You got a great cup of coffee right there!