Alberto Benitez, Honduras (Grid)

Alberto Benitez, Honduras

Another standout from Honduras' Proyecto Cabañas group, Alberto Benitez' coffee is a crazy quilt of delicious, with notes of apple compote, nopales, and black forest cake.

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Suggested Brewing

Paper Filter Drip

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About Alberto Benitez

Alberto came to coffee by way of his brother, a fellow coffee farmer who encouraged him to try the crop after cattle farming didn't work out. Alberto trained with the team at the Exportadora San Vicente project to grow his coffee for the specialty segment, and has found his footing in growing higher quality coffee, working with the Proyecto Cabañas mill to bring the best coffee to market he can.


Lempira, IH90, Catuai



Processing Method

Fully Washed

Drying Method

Raised Beds

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Making Sustainable Waves

Unlike our recent offering from fellow Proyecto Cabañas member Ermalinda Sorto, this coffee is not anaerobically processed—it is not even traditionally washed. Instead, it is mechanically washed—a machine is used to scrape the sugary mucilage from around the bean instead of water, as in traditional washing. The process is a way to get clean coffee comparable to classical washed process coffee, but more sustainably—with about 1000 liters per kilo less of water required.




La Paz

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