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Bertha Huallya Sayllo, Peru

This coffee from woman producer Bertha Huallya Sayllo's tiny farm in Peru sparkles and wows. Think crisp cranberry tartness + lively tropical notes of guava and pineapple.

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Micro Farm, Mega Taste

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Producer Bertha Huallyo Sayllo grows Typica and Bourbon varieties on her 2.75 hectare farm in the far south of Cusco. A member of the Valle Inca producer group, Bertha fully washes her coffees, wet ferments for 36 hours to turn up those bright tropical fruit notes, then dries her coffees on raised beds. The high elevations at which she grows—1900 meters above sea level—also accentuate her coffee's complex flavor.




Medium Light

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Raised Beds

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A Cup Dazzler

We're huge fans of coffees from Peru and took our first sourcing trip there with our partners at Red Fox Coffee Merchants this past September. At their lab, we were floored by samples of Bertha's coffee—full of complex fruit notes and a sparkling acidity reminiscent of some of our favorite coffees from Kenya. We eagerly purchased two of her lots to create this vibrant coffee, and hope it's the beginning of a long relationship.