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Blasina Martinez Anaerobic, Honduras Espresso

This is our second year separating Blasina Martinez's lot from our Proyecto Cabañas blend to deliciously sweet results. Look out for the berry forward flavors with a light herbaceous finish.

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Tasting Notes

Strawberries, blackberry, and lightly herbaceous.

Suggested Brewing

About Blasina Martinez

This is our second year of separating Blasina Martinez’s coffee as a microlot from Proyecto Cabañas, a blend composed of small lot producers who bring their green coffee to the Proyecto Cabañas wet mill in La Paz, Honduras. We were first introduced to Blasina from our friends at Exportada San Vicente and the folks at Proyecto Cabañas. Like many specialty coffee producers in Honduras, Blasina wasn’t always a coffee producer. She originally farmed corn and beans on a modest half hectare farm, providing a living for herself and her family. But after a recommendation from a neighbor, Blasina purchased an additional plot of land and began growing her own coffee. Blasina and her family have been producing coffee for the last six years now, and even more recently transitioned to producing high quality, specialty grade coffee.


Lempira, IH90

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La Paz

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