La Piramide Columbia Coffee

La Pirámide, Colombia

Lush La Pirámide has been one of our go-to favorites from the first time we tasted it. It has a wonderful green grape jamminess, apple pie sweetness, and a clean crisp finish.

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Suggested Brewing

Kalita Wave, Filter

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A Sweet, Clean Sweetheart

Bean Line

Coffee enthusiasts may know of the storied Colombian growing regions of Huila and Cauca—La Pirámide comes from Inza, a remote municipality located in a mountain valley (the mountains are said to look like pyramids) within Cauca and adjacent to Huila. In recent years, coffees like La Pirámide have become revered for their own unique qualities within these storied regions.




Medium Light

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Drying Method

Raised Parabolic Beds

GGET Coffee Geography

Such Great Heights

Three hundred smallholder farmers throughout Inzá contribute coffee to La Pirámide, primarily growing Caturra plants between 1,700-2000 masl—wonderful heights for Arabica coffee. These farmers process their coffees themselves in small fermentation setups, resulting in coffees that taste crisp and clean, with a ripe, complex sweetness. This part of Colombia is home to some of the best coffees in the country, largely due to the long history of coffee production here, as well as incredibly biologically diverse ecosystems and high elevations.