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Miller Walles Cruz, Colombia

This year's lot of Miller Walles Cruz is remarkable not only for its delicious taste but also its first-of-its-kind distinction as a Manos al Grano coffee (learn more below!) Look out for the strong florals and boysenberry sweetness.

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Tasting Notes

Violet florals with a boysenberry jam sweetness and a marzipan finish.

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About Miller Walles Cruz

Like many specialty coffee producers we work with, Miller Walles Cruz wasn’t always a coffee farmer. After years of farming sugar cane Miller took a chance 21 years ago when he purchased a plot of land in Paicol, Colombia. This decision changed his life, he said, as producing coffee supports his family in a way sugar cane never could. To get where they are now (a 10 hectare farm with six different varieties) took great perseverance, as Miller and his wife Dadny Salinas started their coffee farm from scratch. At first, the land was wild and infertile but through the support of institutions like SENA (The National Training Service) and his membership in an association of local coffee producers, Miller was able to apply everything he learned about coffee production and farm management, and grow his farm to the successful operation it is today.


Bourbon, Colombia, Tabi

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About Manos al Grano

Manos al Grano is a non-profit organization that puts the most exposed workers in the coffee supply chain (the pickers) on a salary. This means all of the legal protection of employment like access to medical care, sick pay, worker’s comp, and more. Manos al Grano also provides training to their workers for this crucial task. They are instructed to identify a particular plant and certain levels of ripeness with cherries. This is important to us because it’s our opinion that picking the cherries at the perfect spot and ripeness is critical to getting an amazing coffee that reaches its full potential.

Manos al Grano Worker