Minor Monuments Coffee

Minor Monuments

Our signature espresso blend: full of depth and chocolate, tailored to express complexity and comfort in any milk beverage, or rise to the occasion as a straight shot.

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Nothing Minor About It

We're all looking for the same things in life: stability and excitement all in one, and this coffee delivers the goods. We craft our Minor Monuments blend to bring the sweetness up front in any espresso drink, particularly those with milk. For this blend, we prioritize flavor profiles that lean into sweet, dense, chocolate flavors with rich, pleasing roast notes that delight in a cappuccino or latte but are also a solid call taken as espresso on its own.


Guatemala Bendicion
Colombia Andino


Medium Dark

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Drying Method

Raised Parabolic Beds

GGET Coffee Geography

Sweet Caramel Unity

Minor Monuments is currently composed of two Latin American coffees: La Bendicion, Guatemala, and Andino, Colombia, all grown between 1500-2000 meters above sea level. Our emphasis in this blend is to foreground sweetness and balance, so we've selected coffees that harmonize in a sweet caramel unity and provide a steady base for building the drink of your choice.


Guatemala, Colombia




1500-2100 masl