Rodelmiro Murcia

Rodelmiro Murcia Parainema Honey, Honduras

Another gorgeous honey processed coffee from the Murcia brothers' Finca El Sol in Honduras, tingling with nighttime notes of wine, raisin, licorice, and macerated strawberry.

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About Rodelmiro Murcia

Brothers Rodelmiro and Ariel Murcia began farming specialty coffee together in only the past decade, but have proven themselves to be quality- and innovation-focused with delicious results. Their lower-elevation farm, Finca El Sol, produces a Paraineima variety coffee we've been loving in recent years and have offered under Ariel's name. This year, Rodelmiro gets top billing for taking the lead in producing another exquisite harvest.





Processing Method

Honey Process

Drying Method

Raised Beds

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Un-Paranaiema-lelled Quality

Unlike our other lots from Santa Barbara, Finca El Sol resides on the south side of the mountain. The climate there tends to be drier, which provides ideal conditions for methods that require more drying time, like this honey process. Ariel dedicates 50% of his coffee production to growing Parainema—a rust-resistant Sarchimor variety, indigenous to Honduras and known for an intense herbal and acidic flavor profile. He's found that Parainema grown under shade has been better quality, so this year he planted hundreds of shade trees.




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