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Takesi Geisha, Bolivia

GGET is one of a literal handful of roasters to get hold of this magical, highly esteemed coffee from Mariana Iturralde. Simply put, the Takesi Geisha is undeniably one of the best coffees in the world.

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Tasting Notes

An intense aroma of jasmine, white tea, and bergamot leads to flavors of blood orange, white grape and lychee, with a sweet honey finish

Suggested Brewing

There is no real way to describe Takesi without it seeming like a complete anomaly

Owned by the Iturralde family, and sitting in a valley between mountain ridges in the Andes, Finca Takesi is 2400 meters above sea level, possibly the highest elevation in the world where coffee is grown. Takesi’s coffee trees grow in six feet of a dense topsoil, called humus, layered over volcanic soil and rocks. The farms location in the Andes makes a unique microclimate caused by the mixing of cool and warm winds at the precise location of the farm. Seemingly perpetual cloud cover means that the coffee plants are rarely exposed to direct sunlight. Mariana Iturralde and her father, Carlos, have taken advantage of these unique conditions to push the coffee trees to their best.



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Yungas of La Paz

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The Beginning of a Relationship

In 2009, Finca Takesi took first place in Bolivia’s final Cup of Excellence for their Typica variety. The coffee scored 94 points, an astonishingly high number from an international jury. After this success, they expanded production and planted new coffee varieties like Java, which GGET will be roasting early next year. Over the years, Takesi also began securing long-term partnerships with some of the best coffee roasters in the world: Maruyama Coffee (Japan); Seven Seeds (Australia); Coffee Collective (Denmark), and Intelligentsia (United States). Go Get Em Tiger is honored to be one of five companies roasting coffee from this world-class farm.

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Mariana Iturralde

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Finca Takesi

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Ripe Geisha cherries


Juan harvesting ripe coffee cherries

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Coffee being washed. Floaters are removed.


Dried green coffee

Takesi Farm