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You're My Favorite Human Bean Blend

Why come bearing an armful of thorny roses when you could come bearing coffee? This bouquet of sweet, tropically fruity coffees from three producers we love is sure to give anyone heart eyes.

Roast Profile


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Flavor Profile


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Tasting Notes

Notes of watermelon, papaya, banana, and cherry, with a toffee and chocolaty finish

A love affair… of coffees!

Is it possible to be in love with three coffees at once? We think so. This limited-time blend brings together a couple of our all-timers from Colombia—Luz Divia Fierro and Miller Walles Cruz—who have supplied fantastic micro-lots just full of tropical/stone fruit goodness. We played matchmaker and set those coffees up with a blend we assembled from Antigua, Guatemala smallholders, called La Aurora, which adds a chocolatey structure and toffee sweetness. We've made this blend just perfect for serving on its own as an espresso shot or filter coffee, or coupled with the m*lk of your choice. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's, Galentine's, Palentine's, or just need a cup of coffee—this blend brings all the love.


Pink Bourbon, Bourbon, Colombia

Processing Method


Drying Method

Raised Beds/Patio


Colombia, Guatemala


Huila, Antigua

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1600-1900 meters