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The Purpose of Grind Settings

Coffee grinds

The Purpose of Grind Settings

If you buy coffee to make at home, you may have asked a barista to grind your new bag of beans for you and been asked “How would you like them ground?” as a response.

Finding the right grind setting is crucial to making an amazing cup of coffee. This depends on what brewing method you favor and plays a big factor in the extraction of the final cup you’ve brewed!

Grind size leads to how well the water is going to disperse through the ground coffee. If your cup tastes watery, the taste doesn’t linger on your palate, or the notes are extremely muddled this means that your cup is under-extracted and the grind is too coarse. On the other hand if your cup is tasting dry, wildly bitter, or packs a real wild bite this means your cup is over-extracted and the grind is too fine.

Most places will ask what gear/setup you use to brew coffee, but if you’d like more information give our brewing guide a look for the correct setting to ask for! Also don’t hesitate to text or email us for brewing tips if you’d like further help.