Minor Monuments.

Minor Monuments is our signature blend for beverages that pair espresso with milk. We select and roast this coffee specifically for delicious and well-balanced lattes, cortados, flat whites, and more.

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GGET’s Flavor Field™

Explore our offerings through our visual tool for comparing coffee.
We call it the Flavor Field.
Minor Monuments
Andino Espécial
Benigno Mejia
La Serrania, Colombia Decaf
Nensebo Refisa
Las Brisas (Dark), Colombia
Carmen Erazo
Minor Monuments

Dark, Chocolate


Coffee Matrix

GGET’s Flavor FieldTM is a visual tool for comparing our different coffee.

Coffee Matrix
It’s deceptively simple, but takes into account development, origin, process, and everything else that gives a bean a winning relationship with your palate.
Dark and light describe how we roast our beans. A dark roast tends to impart richer, sweeter flavors, whereas a light roast keeps flavors bright and complex.
Earthy and citrus flavors originate in everything that influences a coffee bean pre-roast: its processing method, its region of origin, and its genetics.
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